The BAT Path Vendors

The following vendors are participating in this hunt to supply hunters with full perm textures, sculpts and/or tutorials.  Full Perm in this case means that you may not resell, repackage or give away any of these items for free.  You may use them in your creations or builds, and then sell the creations or builds that you make with these items.

HINTS are in red!

BAT #001  Love My Textures Celebrations – Halloween can be dark and scary – I’ll stay by this light for a while!

BAT #002  SJP Textures – LOL, it looks like these kids have not seen anything like it before…

BAT #003  Kismet Textures – Hey cutie, are you single?

BAT #004  The Lace Place – You people can use this for working – I’ll use it to rest on!

BAT #005  Tobrin’s Textures & Sculpted Prims – Two Bats, Two Prizes!
You only need to find one to move on.
But finding both will get you two different unique gifts!
Make sure to check out anything new!
And take time to smell the wild roses!

BAT #006  Virtual Textures – Bats Love Trees!

BAT #007  TexWorks – The Gates of Hell are not as pretty….

BAT #008  SR Leatherwerkx – You’ll find me where bats usually hang out during the day!!!

BAT #009  Onium Dye – Bat unfurled his wings and began to fly,
Among the trees in the moonlit sky.
Away he flew off off to bed,
Don’t look low … he is above your head.

BAT #010  ## Nympheas Textures – I like to be near the lights

BAT #011  [K.O.] Khan Omizu Textures – Getting High in Sci-Fi

BAT #012  Peeps Fashion – This Bat is the top of the tops.

BAT #013  Fortunas Creations – People on glass bridges shouldn’t throw stones

BAT #014  Angelic’s Textures – Looking your best means staying coordinated.

BAT #015  Treasured Cove Sculpts – Take a seat, the rat won’t bite… no really he won’t.

BAT #016  Bleem’s Textures – Vampires rest on coffins

BAT #017  Empire Textures – please skip for now, store owner not available.  Please go on to BAT #018 (Click HERE)

BAT #018  V & V Texturama – Ponce de Leon found many of these in his journeys, but he NEVER found the one he was looking for!

BAT #019  Textures by Corry & Night – psssst…I’m over by the morph photography

BAT #020  USC Texture Tomb –

Twinkle, Twinkle, little Bat,
How I wonder where you’re at!
Flying up so high and free,
Roosting in the haunted tree.

BAT #021  Timeless Textures – I thought I saw Mr Batty fluttering about near the Seasonal (Holiday) textures downstairs, but I could be wrong. Perhaps you should look there for yourself.

BAT #022  Madville Textures – Black on black

BAT #023  Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps – follow the smiling ghosts

BAT #024  JSF Designs – I like to stay near my friends..we are scaaaaarrier in a group lol

BAT #025  Bad Katz Textures – If someone doesn’t find me soon, I may meet my doom!

BAT #026  Phoenix Textures – The bats aren’t in the bellfry, they’re in the tree

BAT #027  GG Designs – BUGS Light the way

BAT #028  Mattie Rae’s Indigo Dreams – Everyone is a critic…

BAT #029  Raven’s Heart – Look for the raven….you might find a bat

BAT #030  Amulet – Come to the light, little creepy Ones….

BAT #031  Pancakez – the next bat is hiding so look to and fro, the voodoo doll won’t tell you where but the pumpkins might know.

BAT #032  Deep Blue Sea Designs – Find the bat among the pretty plant textures in the Deep Blue Sea designs shop

BAT #033  Forged with Stars/Not So Shabby – AAARGH! It’s bright!

BAT #034  A MacIntyre! Main Store – You seek me here
You seek me there
You Hunters seek me  everywhere

Look at the  floors
But don’t look down
And soon you  will find me
Just hanging around

BAT #035  Mindshift Textures – Cheese before bedtime can give you nightmares

BAT #036  DAARK – Never wake a bat whilst its sleeping its Un-Lucky V””V

BAT #037  The U-Neek

BAT #038  Copper Sun Designs – I’m in the part of the shop where all good lil’ bats should be.

BAT #039  Healing Rayne –

Five batty bats
Were hanging ‘neath the moon.
“Quiet!” said the first.
“The witch is coming soon.”
“She’s green,” said the second,
“With a purple pointy nose.”
“Black boots,” said the third,
“Cover up her ugly toes.”
“Her broom,” said the fourth,
“Can scratch you – that I know!”
“I’m scared,” said the fifth.
“I think we’d better go.”
Five batty bats
Escaped into the night.
“Dear me,” said the witch.
“That’s a scary sight!”

BAT #040  Sweetwater Textures – Hint Giver attached to hunt poster

BAT #041  Wicked Innocence – Has a Hint Giver at the zone

BAT #042  Knights Innovations House of Textures – Just Hanging around like any good bat should!

BAT #043  Misera

BAT #044 VISIONS GALLERY – In the Sculpt shop, which is next to the landing site, – I’m a little bat, so I love to hide under things.

BAT #045  Earthly Delights – I am a friend of a fairy


BAT #047  K-Boo Mall for Builders – its dark, I am up high sleeping where I feel safe, take the stairs two paths lead to the bat

BAT #048  Samantha’s Stuff

BAT #049  Secret Textures – Follow the bat droppings :p

BAT #050  Reigning Realms Magazine HQ – Where is the rule stating I have to be pointed out?

BAT #051  Sek’s Eclectic Kreations – Since we love flying by the light of the moon, find the one peeking through the window and look up.

BAT #052  Anthony’s Sculpty Republic – Walk the bloody steps evil one, when the clock strikes midnight , you know your time has come!

BAT #053  Tutorials 2 Go – find a sale and you will find your prize

BAT #054  Eternal Creativity – Mr. Bat was feeling friendly, so he came up to join me, & found a soft, warm place to perch. I just hope he doesn’t poo on my new top.

BAT #055  Texture Junction – Find the “Lucky” spot to get your prize!

BAT #056  Filthy Things – Watch out for the flying purple people eater!!!

BAT #057  Builders Oasis Mall – Home of Sculpts SuperMall – very close to the landing point!

BAT #058  SSH…Designs – Hint Giver at Landing Point!

BAT #059  TeKnoArtia – TKA – I come flying from the country of the Rising Sun

BAT #060  Love My Textures Main Store – I just love the smell of trees and flowers!


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