The CAT Path Vendors

The gifts found in the shops on this path are not full perm.

HINTS are in red!

CAT #001  Heaven – Don’t look so shocked kid.

CAT #002  Saucy’s Gift  & FunStore – wonder if i could catch just one as they fly past (inside store)

CAT #003  Sweetstars Haunted –

the black cat
awaits you up on high
he is in the castle
near the demons he does lie

CAT #004  Velde’s Magical Arms & Armor – My cats name is ember!

CAT #005  Spooky Halloween Store – Watch out for the trap door – the cat just slipped inside

CAT #006  CNI Holiday – Call the Fire department my kitty is stuck

CAT #007  LovEly Designs – Cats love to hide where it is warm.

CAT #008  Mall Point – Cats like to scratch furniture

CAT #009  Manpower Clothing  – please skip to CAT #010 – Click HERE

CAT #010  Leonine & Co. – Hint Giver at Store!

CAT #011  Fortunas Creations – This one is not a scaredy cat.

CAT #012  GUHL Architecture Design – Cats like to scratch walls 😛

CAT #013  A Stitch in Time – Typical cat, always wants to be in the spotlight… For the life of me though, I can never figure out how he gets up there!

CAT #014  #Before Sleep# – Bears and cats OH MY!

CAT #015  Divivity Discount Shop

CAT #016  *diavolicious* – Fallen kingdom, fallen walls, fallen chairs…. and look how LUCKY I am ?”

CAT #017  JSF & C2GO – new LM for CAT #017 – Click here

If I sit here no one may notice me..I blend in just purrrrrfectly!  Thank you and Have a good hunt everyone.:)

CAT #018  The Pumpkin Head – This kitty is wanted

CAT #019  Nightshade Designs

CAT #020  Holiday Bliss – Hint Giver at TP point!

CAT #021  [+meta] Architecture – my cat likes red sport cars, but I love them too.

CAT #022  Shadow Moon – Catnip? Naw… he’s eating his veggies.

CAT #023  Fabulous Finds – I am Old and Chipped

CAT #024  Cupcake Clothing – You come to me to rest

CAT #025  K & G Designs – Please don’t step on me, or my kitty friend in combat boots will find you

CAT #026  Cillian’gel – The Cat in the Hat

CAT #027  GG’s Home & Garden – RATS light the way

CAT #028  Juneberry Art Glass – This one will string you along

CAT #029  Clothes Culture – Touch the hint board for latest hint

CAT #030  Props-N-Poses

CAT #031  ~Lantian~ Hint giver in store!

CAT #032   Rodeo Horses – Zoo & Farm Animals – Pearl divers find treasures!

CAT #033  Shiny Shop

CAT #034  Studio Nails

CAT #035  Top Katz – do cats or bats like pumpkins oh better be careful he might be hungry

CAT #036  Dark Vision Gothic/Fantasy Art – Is it the hour to feed the cat

CAT #037  Balliamo Designs – Find the sign and you see that it’s not very hard to find me.

CAT #038  Raggle Taggle Gypsies – What better place could a black cat desire than a spot in the shop, curled up by the Fire?

CAT #039  Pondlife –  Find the games find the gifts !

CAT #040  Primwynly

CAT #041  The Epic Toy Factory –

So many doors ,what are they for,
Perhaps you should try the smallest of all……

Upon the landing you now stand,
A mushroom waits to take your hand..

Which mushroom did i hear you say?
Not  one you have to pay…

Ahhhh now I hear you  giggle with glee,
as you realize it must be the mushroom of  three.

So what do? Hmmm That must be it..
upon the mushroom you must sit….

so many choices, which way to go…
come now its Halloween, pick one that may make you scream…

I trust the Journey was satisfactory
We welcome you now to the Buguls Den.

If we break , no mind,
We are sure you shall mend

Now you must focus, search around.
The cat slink here upon the grounds.

Perhaps up high, perhaps down low
Tis something with cats one cannot know.

Watch for the ghosts, goblins and ghouls..
for they are trained to make you a fool.

CAT #042  Love Zombie – You’re such a Cutie Pie!

CAT #043  Mindshift Golotha Jewellery – Don’t cut yourself on the razors

CAT #044  Dresssed by Lexi – Let Sleeping Cats Lie

CAT #045  DemotiK – Kitty Likes Dark high places.

CAT #046  Grumble Main Store – oooh I like to rp

CAT #047  SB Wear – Don’t Worry…..I don’t do slave labor

CAT #048  Seasonal Creations by MamaP

CAT #049  Belle’s Happy Birthday, Rez Day, Party & Seasonal Store – This Cat is sneaking up on the horses within the horseshoe wreath

CAT #050  Garden Oasis

CAT #051  Belle’s Wedding Furniture – This Cat loves wedding cake!

CAT #052  Felicious – Your Zombie Friends Scared the Kitty Up A Tree

CAT #053  Vels Boutique

CAT #054  Carrasco’s – I like hiding behind statues

CAT #055 *Finishing Touches* – Find this Cat where the SUN and MOON meet

CAT #056  Satyr’s Muse & MacMoragh Hold – call the kitty away from  the alchemist’s home.

CAT #057  Infinity Creations

CAT #058  SteamBound – I’m waiting for a cookie…will you give me one?

CAT #059  ROCK PULSE – I am standing next to a beautiful lady.

CAT #060  LMT Celebrations – it’s not a cat bed, but close enough!


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